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We manufacture cone of material such as Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel with a thickness range from 6mm to 75mm & size ranging from 600mm ID to 5000mm ID.

Following are the types of cones we manufacture

•  Concentric Cone

•  Scalene Cone (Eccentric Cone)

•  Tori Cone

•  Petal Construction Tori Cone


Some of the job sizes are enlisted below:

•  Concentric Cone of 1524mm ID x 1219mm ID x 1500mm Vertical Height x 63mm Thk

•  Petal Construction Tori Cone

Top Cone setup – 5 segments, size 3944mm ID x 1499mm ID x 2061mm Vertical Height x 16mm Thk

Bottom Cone setup – 6 Segments, size 6200mm ID x 3944mm ID x 2064mm Vertical Height x 16mm Thk

•  Eccentric Cone of 3900mm ID x 2000mm ID x 2750mm Vertical Height x 45mm Thk



•  Pressure Vessels

•  Heat Exchangers

•  Columns

•  Reactors

Scope of work

•  Manufacture on job work basis (FIM)

•  Marking, Cutting & Edge Beveling

•  Bending / Forming / knuckling

•  Welding of joint by SMAW process

•  Fit up of segments in tag weld condition

•  NDT: 100% DPT, UT & RT of weld joints.

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