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We manufacture Dished-end of thickness from 6mm to 63mm & sizes ranging from 100mm ID to 5500mm ID of material such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Cladded Plates, and Platinum Plates etc.

All dished-end are contrived by point press method in cold form which is as follows :

•  2:1 Ellipsoidal

•  Tori spherical

•  Deep tori Spherical

•  Flat Bottom

•  Hemispherical

•  Crown & Petal Construction

•  Floating Heads


In case of Crown & Petal Dished-End, Complete “V” preparation & mock up assembly is carried out.

Some of thejob sizes are encapsulated below:

•  2:1 Ellipsoidal Dished-end of 1800mm ID x 61mm Thk – IS 2062 Gr. B

•  Flat Bottom Dished-End of 3480mm ID x 60mm Thk – SA 516 Gr. 70

•  Crown & Petal Construction of 3900mm ID x 45mm Thk – SA 516 Gr. 70

•  Hemispherical Dished-end of 700mm ID x 42mm Thk – SA 516 Gr. 65


Hot Forming Dished-ends

Hot formed dished-end of thickness from 10mm to 40mm & sizes ranging from 250mm ID to 800mm ID of material such as Carbon Steel & Alloy steel.

Following are the types of dished-end formed under hot forming:-

•  2:1 Ellipsoidal Dished-End

•  Hemispherical Dished-End


Scope of work

•  Supply on Job-work (FIM)

•  Blank preparation with X-ray quality welding

•  Cold & hot forming

•  Intermediate & Final Stage Heat treatments

•  Weld Edge Preparation (Manual & Machined)

•  NDT: 100% DPT, UT, RT & MPT

•  Inspection under various third party Agencies

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