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Mahendra Pressing Works is constantly resolute to offer the highest eminence products and services to our customers through quality assurance which encourages quality at all levels of the organization and allows us to continually monitor our performance. The results of these are reflected in each product we ship.

Thus it assimilates all functions of the company in a coordinated, responsive, and efficient effort in order to achieve this quality goal by:

•  Enduring to improve our engineering facilities, equipment and work methods.

•  Upholding a quality assurance organization and system which will assure quality products at all times.

The organization shall have the primary obligation for measuring quality and providing motivation. Members of the company are to continually stimulate and encourage commitment on the part of all employees to fulfill the company's course of action. This commitment will be directed toward the following priorities:

•  Quality products and services

•  On-time delivery

•  Cost


Team Difference

We at Mahendra Pressing Works, take pride in our approach to customer Service and Support. As a group of proficient staff & work force, we are committed to supporting you in the best way we know, as a TEAM .

The TEAM Difference…is the people we engage within the Company. Our team comes with many years of invaluable industry experience which in turn have advanced an exceptional & effectual method of work in meeting the desired quality & standards backed by well-equipped modern machineries & technologies.

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